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18 July 2019

Jerome Smalling Announced as the New President of the Jamaica Bankers Association (JBA)

On Thursday July 18, 2019, Jerome Smalling, Chief Executive Officer, JMMB Bank, was unanimously elected as the new President of the Jamaica Bankers Association (JBA) at its annual general meeting.

14 July 2019

PSOJ & JMMB Seek Solutions to Create a Friendly SME Environment

The PSOJ and JMMB have decided to continue their longstanding relationship to host the 2019 edition of the PSOJ/JMMB Annual Economic Forum (AEF) on July 16 to support SMEs and by extension boost the Jamaican economy. 

12 June 2019

Female MSMEs Benefit from JMMB Bank & We Inspire Seminar 

The JMMB Group joined forces with We Inspire Women to host a micro, small and medium size enterprise (MSME) development seminar,

4 June 2019

JMMB Group Hosts Parenting Seminar as part of Child’s Month Celebrations

Give your children adequate T.L.C., as a protective measure, was the encouragement shared by substance abuse officer, Denise Chin, of the National Council on Drug Abuse, during the recent parenting seminar organized by the JMMB Group, for team members with children at its nursery facility, on the topic, ‘Bullying, Peer Pressure & Drug Abuse in Schools.’  

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