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Transfer money quickly and with ease

Sending money should be easy. When you make a transfer, either intra-island or receive from abroad, you need to make sure it’s going through the best channels. That means you’re getting the best exchange rates, lowest fees, and delivery is quick and secure.

JMMB Money Transfer promises all of the above. Alongside our partners, we offer the lowest rates in the local market, from over 100 locations across the island. And transactions happen in seconds, not minutes.

Explore our partners, and experience the convenience and ease of our money transfer systems.

"I always get my money quickly from my family abroad when they send it through JMMB money transfer." - jason

How it works

If you need to send money, you’ve come to the right place. We have several options for you so you can get the best rates possible. 

Money transfer to an account

  • What: Send a money transfer directly to either your account or an account belonging to your family or friends
  • Where: At a financial institution in Jamaica.
  • How: Submit copies of the account holder’s photo ID and Taxpayer Registration Number (TRN) to JMMB Money Transfer. Additional documents may be requested.

Submitting your documents is easy:


You may send a money transfer directly to any Jamaican dollar or foreign currency account (denominated in US$, CA$ or £) at JMMB Bank or any other commercial bank, as well as, any credit union or building society.*

Note:* All deposits to US$ accounts at JMMB Bank and selected financial institutions, are done on the same or next business day. All other transactions are processed within 48hrs.

Please note additional information that may be required.

Banking details including: name of the account holder, name of financial institution, branch, account type (savings or chequing), TRN of the beneficiary (this aids in the validation process). 


Money transfer for cash pickup

  • What: Send cash
  • Where: At any of our intra-island agent locations
  • How:
    • For amounts less than J$200,000: provide valid identification and TRN card.
    • For amounts J$200,000 or greater: provide either, 2 valid forms of identification and TRN card; or 1 valid identification, TRN card and proof of address.
    • For amounts equivalent to US$1.000.00 or more: source of funds information must be provided and a copy of the customer’s ID is required.
  • Provide a valid picture ID, TRN. Transactions over US$1,000 US*.

*Conditions Apply

  • You may send a money transfer from the United States of America, Canada or Europe, as well as Turks & Caicos islands, The Bahamas, as well as Aruba, Curacao & St. Maarten or you may visit any of our remittance partners internationally.

(TRN: Taxpayer Registration Number; SSN: Social Security Number, SIN: Social Insurance Number; NIN: National Insurance Number or its equivalent in the country of origin or a foreign passport)


Bill Payment

  • What: Pay your insurance premiums to your insurance companies. If you have a loan or outstanding mortgage, we will arrange payment to any building society or to the National Housing Trust.
  • Where: Either online or in stores (please refer to the corresponding agencies)
  • How: Cash or debit or credit cards.

Collecting Money

  • What: Pick up a money transfer
  • Where:  At any of our 100 JMMB Money Transfer agents island-wide
  • How:
    • For amounts less than J$200,000:
      • Valid identification 1  and TRN card
    • For amounts greater than J$200,000:
      • 2 valid forms of identification and TRN card or 1 valid identification, TRN card and proof of address 2


Please note you will need also need sender's name and or PIN, as well as the expected amount.

1 Valid forms of identification include: driver’s licence, passport, voter’s ID, Jamaican Government-issued national ID or school ID (for minors under 18yrs) 

2 Proof of address include: utility bill or credit card statement, not more than 6 months


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