Sygnus Credit Investment Limited - Cumulative Preference Share Offer

Invest in SCI, The Caribbean Leader in Private Credit


Sygnus Credit Investments Ltd. is the largest publicly listed specialty private credit investment company in the Caribbean, with total assets of US$163.9 million, which includes the value of the acquisition of Acrecent Financial Corporation (AFC) in the US territory of Puerto Rico but excludes its underlying assets.

SCI provides alternative financing to middle-market businesses (“Portfolio Companies”) across the English, Dutch and Spanish-speaking Caribbean region and has deployed over US $251 million in gross investment commitments across the Caribbean.


SCI has successfully raised US$65.8 million in equity capital during its first 6 years in operation. This was achieved through a private sale of shares to institutional and high net worth investors in 2017, an initial public offering (“IPO”) in 2018, and an additional public offering (“APO”) in 2020 and a preference share raise in 2022. The Company’s ordinary shares are listed on the main US dollar market and main JA dollar market of the Jamaica Stock Exchange.

On February 28, 2022, SCI acquired 93.7% of Acrecent Financial Corporation (AFC), which in June 2023 was increased to 95% of the private credit investment company in the US territory of Puerto Rico. The transformative nature of this transaction is highlighted by a record US$65.1 million in deployment across AFC’s portfolio as it capitalizes on the extensive opportunities in the Spanish-speaking territory.


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Cumulative Redeemable Preference by Sygnus Credit Investments Limited

Offer Details 


Open Date

November 20, 2023


Closing Date

December 6, 2023

C 8,000,000 J$100.00 500 10.50% 2 Years J$800,000,000.00
D 1,000,000 US$10.00 50 8.00% 2 Years US$10,000,000.00
E 1,000,000 US$10.00 50 8.50% 3 Years US$10,000,000.00



Investing in preference shares involves risk. The Prospectus contains information you should know before investing, including information about risks. Applicants should read the Prospectus, including the risk disclosures set forth in Section 9 of the Prospectus and consult your broker or other investment professionals before making an investment decision.

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JMMB clients can apply now on JMMB Moneyline

Anyone with an active JCSD account, regardless of your broker, can also apply on the NEW JMMB Moneyline IPO 


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