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Service Team Leaders

Keisha Forbes-Ellis
Chief Country Officer (Jamaica) and CEO, JMMB Limited (JMMB Investments)

“Financial partnership with you is not just a ‘buzz phrase’; it is our entire way of being.

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Kwame Brooks
Country Treasurer

“Identifying opportunities is one thing, leveraging those opportunities in the best interest of our clients is what drives us.”

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Wayne Beckford
General Manager, Treasury, JMMB Bank

“Our aim is to always be competitive, in a way that allows our clients to reap the benefits, while standing for the best interest of all.”

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Alwayne Cousins
Country Manager, Corporate Client Partnership Jamaica

"We take a holistic approach to assessing and identifying your needs, in order to create a customised financial solution for your organisation."

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Sheron Gilzean
CEO, JMMB Insurance Brokers Limited

"We promote an atmosphere of mutual respect, as well as anticipating and meeting your needs."


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Sharon Gibson
CEO, JMMB Money Transfer Limited

“Understanding the importance of fulfilling promises to those who place their trust in us, helps to motivates us."


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Moya Leiba-Barnes
General Manager, Bank, Client Partnership

"Your banker shouldn’t be your adversary; he/she should be your life-time partner, on your path to achieving what’s best for you and your family."


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Jerome Smalling
CEO, JMMB Bank (Ja.) Limited

“At JMMB, we don’t just offer banking, we provide a complete financial partnership experience, that conforms to your goals and needs."


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Karl Townsend
Chief Country Officer (Jamaica), Capital Markets

“Sometimes, what you think is the solution you need, is not necessarily the best solution; we develop the best solutions that give you the best results."


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Christopher Walker
CEO, JMMB Fund Managers Limited

"Performance determines how soon you can achieve your goals; our goal is to get you there in the shortest possible time.”


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Fornia Young
General Manager, Investments, Client Partnership

"Our philosophy is that it’s not about offering you an investment account, it’s about providing a portfolio of solutions that are best aligned with your personal goals.”


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