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Smart Business Account (for SMEs)

Optimize your operations

Being a business owner is a full-time job and a role that changes constantly. At JMMB Bank, we offer a new type of partnership. We understand and care about the unique needs that come with operating a business, by offering flexibility, partnership and expert advice to support your successful growth. For you, we’ve created the Smart Business account.

The JMMB Smart Business solution is an interest- bearing current account, giving you the opportunity to maximize the value of every dollar earned.





    The qualifications

    • Registered Businesses with annual revenue under J$450 Million (or US$ equivalent)
    • Starting with a minimum deposit of:
      • J$5,000 
      • US$500 
      • CA$500
      • £500
      • €500

    The benefits

    • No nuisance fees: Never have to deal with monthly service fees, account dormancy fees, and minimum monthly balance requirements. (Some transactions with attract a charge.)
    • Convenient access: Enjoy free deposits , withdrawals, and cheque encashments in branch (up to J$1 million)
    • Easy payments: Enjoy free bill payment and free inter and intra-bank transfers, within Jamaica
    • Interest accumulation: Earn interest and grow your company’s money over time

    The details


    **JMMB Smart Business account is offered by JMMB Bank (Jamaica) Limited


    JMMB Advantage 

    Why wait for interest?

    Sometimes, it’s nice to eat dessert before dinner. Play before work. Get your reward first. Wouldn’t it be nice if you didn’t have to wait until the end of the deposit period to get your interest payment? With our JMMB Advantage solution, you get your interest payment at the start of the deposit period after the clearing period of deposit cheque, rather than at the end. We even let you borrow against your account.  

    The qualifications

    • Individuals or companies
    • Living/based in Jamaica or abroad
    • Starting with a minimum deposit of :J$500,000, US$10,000, CA$10,000, £10,000 or €10,000


    The benefits

    • No waiting: Enjoy your interest up front
    • Time value of money: Use your interest now rather than later
    • Competitive rates: Grow your money fast, with competitive interest rates
    • Convenience:  Earn an early reward (interest payment is at the start of the deposit period)

    The details

    • Deposit period is up to 365 days
    • The interest rate will be fixed for the agreed period
    • You can borrow up to 80% of your principal
    • Clearing period: J$ cheques: 7 days; foreign cheques: 30 days

    **JMMB Advantage is offered by JMMB Bank (Jamaica) Limited

    Certificates of Deposit (CD)

    Be smart. Be secure. Save in a CD

    You’ve worked hard for your money. So when you have the capital to save, you want to do it wisely. You want to see your money grow, but you also want to play it safe. We don’t blame you. If you want the best of both worlds, deposit funds in a secure, interest-bearing account (with attractive returns) with a Certificate of Deposit (CD). This is a worry-free deposit, as you’re guaranteed a return on your funds.

    The qualifications

    • Individuals or companies
    • Living/based in Jamaica or abroad
    • Start with a minimum deposit of
    • J$2,000
    • US$1,000
    • CA$1,000
    • £ 1,000

    The benefits

    • Competitive Returns: Earn higher interest rates than on ordinary savings accounts
    • Security: Breathe easy, your funds are insured by the Jamaica Deposit Insurance Corporation*

    The details

    • Your funds are placed for a fixed time period, at a fixed interest rate
    • Interest and principal are paid at maturity

    **All bank deposits are insured up to J$600,000 by the Jamaica Deposit Insurance Corporation (JDIC) scheme


    **CDs are offered by JMMB Bank (Jamaica) Limited

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