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Insurance protects what you have worked so hard for

Get insurance to protect what’s most important

Life is too short to worry about what could happen. You already have too much to think about, so transfer some of your worries to the experts who will advise on how to protect your financial interests with insurance

As unexpected things do happen, the perfect time to get insurance is when you don’t need it. We can help you find the right policy for your situation, so that you, your family, and your finances are always protected.

**Insurance products are brokered by JMMB Insurance Brokers.

Travel Insurance

Relax when you travel, you’re covered

When the travel bug gets under your skin, whether it be for work, pleasure, or a little bit of both, travel knowing that you are covered. Travel insurance can help protect you when unexpected medical expenses come up overseas (or in other situations).

What travel insurance covers:*

  • Worldwide assistance services

  • Personal accident (death or permanent and temporary disability)

  • Overseas medical and dental issues

  • Repatriation, burial or cremation

  • Trip cancellation, interruption and delay

  • Checked baggage loss, theft, damage or delay

  • Emergency legal assistance


What travel insurance doesn’t cover:

  • Natural illness

  • Illegal or criminal activity

  • Accident due to intoxication

  • Loss, damage, or expense covered by other policies

*Some restrictions apply

Get me insured for my upcoming trip!



Life  and Health Insurance (Local and International)

Life, health, and peace of mind. We cover all.

Do you ever think about what your family will do when you’re disabled or gone? A good way to guarantee peace of mind and comfort is life insurance. Your unique life policy will ensure that you and the people you love will be financially secured by paying specified sums.


Here are some of the life insurance policies offered through JMMB Insurance Brokers:  

●     Term Life Insurance

●     Universal Life Insurance

●     Critical Illness Insurance

●     Disability Income Insurance

Every person deserves good health, so don’t leave your healthcare to chance. Health insurance can help you cover unexpected medical expenses, including maternity, dental and optical.


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"JMMB Insurance Brokers addressed my claims with the main insurance company and it contributed to my claim being settled in the record time." - CArla-Ann

General Insurance

For your car, your house, and any other asset you have to protect

For financial protection and peace of mind, purchase general insurance. Your insurance needs depend on your asset(s). General insurance provides protection against the occurrence of uncertain events such as motor vehicle and property damage, natural disasters, fire, riot and strike, malicious damage burglary and theft, among others.

We can help you secure your financial interest through a wide range of insurance solutions covered under the following classes:

  • Motor: Covers loss or damage to motor vehicles ranging from private car to motorcycle to commercial vehicles, and their accessories, and legal liability to third parties. Ask about our unique packages.
  • Property: Covers loss or damage to real or personal property of every kind (excluding motor vehicle), and interest due to any hazard or natural disaster.
  • Pecuniary: Covers financial losses to an insured person or company, due to loss of profits, employee fraud, contractual obligations, and loss of money.
  • Liability: Covers Insured's legal liability to third parties. This includes professional liability, employer’s liability, public liability, and personal liability, among others.
  • Personal Accident: Covers an individual on or off the job in the event of an accident resulting in death or disability as well as medical expenses arising from such injuries.
  • Marine and Aviation:  Covers loss or damage of ships, docks, and cargoes, being held between the points of origin and final destination, as well as third party liability.

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