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What is Moneyline?

A full online banking experience

Imagine this: you just got home, you sink into your chair, and you read the news. There, you see the advertisement for your dream car, at a third the price it should be. But you have to buy it today. Do you have enough to cover the costs? You’ll know in a heartbeat with Moneyline.

Moneyline is a full online banking experience. You can check your accounts, anywhere, anytime. Don’t have time to run to the bank? No problem. With Moneyline, you can bank from anywhere. As long as you have an internet connection, you can bank with Moneyline. You can make transactions, check your stock portfolio, ask about your pension, and so much more.


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What can I do on Moneyline?

Moneyline is like having your own personal bank right on your internet browser. Here are some of the service offers JMMB clients have direct online access to:

Make transactions with the click of a mouse, which means:

  • Make wire transfers, both international and domestic 

  • Send internal transfers, within the JMMB network

  • Know everything about your account, so you can:

    • View your account numbers

    • Generate reports

    • See your transaction history

  • Access Jamaica’s largest stock brokerage, which lets you:

    • Buy and sell stocks

    • View your portfolio

    • Generate reports

    • See you stock order history

  • Inquire about your info, including:

    • Requesting access to your pension

    • Creating a standing order

    • Asking about rates and services

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JMMB Bank Visa Debit Card 

When you open a JMMB Bank personal chequing account, you will automatically receive a JMMB Bank VIsa debit card.

Your JMMB Bank Visa debit card will give you the freedom to:

  • Access to our 16 JMMB Bank dual currency ATMs (J$ and US$), island wide. 
  • Make deposits to your J$ or US$ JMMB Bank account(s), at any JMMB Bank specified ATMs;
  • Make withdrawals from both your J$ or US$ JMMB Bank account(s), from any JMMB Bank ATM and from any other specified VISA certified ATMs locally;
  • Withdraw US$ from any VISA certified machine overseas;
  • Make purchases at VISA certified point-of-sale machines;  
  • Make purchases anywhere VISA is accepted locally, online, and internationally; and
  • Experience enhanced security fraud protection, through the VISA chip technology.

With your JMMB Bank Visa debit card, you can enjoy 24-hour access to your chequing accounts.

Read our JMMB Bank Visa debit card Terms & Conditions

JMMB Bank Smart ATM

A smarter way to bank, with the JMMB Bank Smart ATM

We love serving you in your best interest, through the introduction of additional alternative service delivery channels that make managing their money easier. Avoid in-branch lines and easily make your cash and cheque deposits at our ATM.


With our new JMMB Bank Smart ATMs, you can get:  

  • Smart deposit of your cash and cheques (no envelopes or slips needed)
  • Increased cash and cheque deposit capacity – Smart deposit now allows you to insert up to 10 cheques and up to 90 notes at one time, at specific ATMs

  • Immediate access to your cash deposited

  • Real-time updates on your current and available balance, for cheque deposits made; and
  • The convenient card tap feature to conduct certain transactions* – Simply tapping the card at the indicated point on the ATM, then enter your PIN and start banking. No need to insert your debit card which reduces the likelihood of you leaving your card behind.

Automated Teller Machine (ATM) FAQ

JMMB Bank ATMs can process the following types of transactions:   
a. Deposits cash or cheques - No deposit slip or envelopes needed at Smart ATMs  
b. Withdrawal (only on cleared funds available in the account)   
c. Transfer of funds between your client’s own accounts (linked to the card)   
d. Balance Enquiries 
e. Mini Statements  

JMMB has 16 JMMB Bank ATM locations island-wide. They are as follows:   
Kingston & St. Andrew 
1. Haughton Terrace Branch - 5 Haughton Avenue, Kingston 10  
2. Knutsford Branch - 11 Knutsford Boulevard, Kingston 5   
3. Liguanea - 1 Liguanea Avenue, Kingston 6   
4. Phoenix Branch - 23-27 Phoenix Avenue, Kingston 10   
5. Constant Spring – 31 Constant Spring, Kingston 10 inside the Texaco Store Grab ‘n’ Go 
6. Harbour Street - 107 Harbour Street, Kingston (Beside Swiss Stores)   
Portmore & St. Catherine 
7. Portmore Branch – beside Client Care, 45 - 46 West Trade Way, Portmore St. Catherine   
8. Portmore Branch – In front of the branch, 47 –48 West Trade Way, Portmore St. Catherine 
9. Oasis Plaza – Shop #29, 6 March Pen Road, Spanish Town 
North & South Coast 
10. Ocho Rios Branch - 2 Milford Road, Ocho Rios St. Ann   
11. Mandeville Branch - 23 Ward Avenue, Mandeville   
12. May Pen Branch – Shop 28B Bargain Plaza, May Pen Clarendon   
13. Montego Bay Branch - Fairview Park, Montego Bay   
14. Church Street Branch - 25 Church Street, Montego Bay   
15. Santa Cruz Branch - Oasis Plaza, Coke Drive, St. Elizabeth   
16. Junction Branch - Shop #1, Royes Plaza, St. Elizabeth   

1. Constant Spring
2. Phoenix
3. Portmore (In front of the branch)
4. Church Street Branch
5. Oasis Plaza (Spanish Town)
6. May Pen Branch
7. Liguanea
8. Harbour Street
9. Ocho Rios 

All other ATMs have the capacity to accept deposits.  
Please note that the deposits made at regular ATMs must be placed in an envelope. Deposits made at Smart ATMs do not require an envelope.  

Normal ATMs accept one envelope with up to 40 notes of currency. At the Smart ATMs, you will be able to deposit up to 90 notes or 10 cheques, in a single deposit transaction without the need for an envelope.

 We only accept paper notes and cheques at the JMMB Bank ATMs.

YES, up to 6 accounts of each type (EZ Access and Bonus Saver) can be linked to the card which includes both US$ and JA$ EZ Access and Bonus Saver accounts.

Yes, both US$ and JA$ EZ Access and Bonus Saver accounts can be linked to the same card.  The funds however must be accessed separately. 

No. You must have a US$ account linked to the card to access US$ funds or deposit US$ at the ATM.  Likewise, you must have a JA$ account linked to your card to access JA$ funds.  

No,  all  FX  (Foreign  Exchange)  transactions  MUST  be done in a  branch.  FX transactions will not be supported via the ATM at this time.   

Yes. There is a default limit of JA$30,000.00 or US$300 per day.

However the limit can be adjusted on request, this amount may be adjusted downward or upwards however, amounts over JA$50,000 must be approved by the Branch Manager or Branch Operations Manager. Note: The ATM can dispense up to J$30,000 in one transaction i.e. if you want J$80,000 the amount must be withdrawn 3 times, $30,000, $30,000 and $20,000.   
The POS limit is currently set at J$250,000.00. 

Yes, a minimum of JA$1,000.00 or US$100 must be left in the account.   

Cash deposits made at Smart ATMs will be reflected in your account and available for use immediately. Cheque deposits made at Smart ATMs will be reflected in your account immediately after deposit, the funds will only be available after the holding period, depending on the type of cheque. The usual holding period for J$ cheques is up to three business days. US Dollar cheques can take up to 25 days to clear.

Deposits made at regular ATMs are subject to a turnaround time of  1 – 2  business days after the deposit is made. 

YES, only cash investments up to J$999,999.99 can be made at any of our ATMs.

POCA regulations restrict JMMB from accepting amounts over this limit. Proof of the source of funds will be required for that amount and also for amounts deposited over the projected level of deposit that is on the client’s profile. These restrictions also apply to amounts being broken into several investments. 

Yes, all transactions at the ATM will require your PIN, whether you are tapping, or inserting your card.

After three incorrect attempts, the card will be captured.

The card may be returned if it was captured by a JMMB ATM and a PIN count re-set will have to be done at a Branch to provide further access to funds. If the card is captured by an ATM other than JMMB then the card will be canceled when returned from that Bank and the client would be required to get a new card from the branch.

As a safety measure, if the card is returned to the client by the machine but not taken after 30 seconds, the card will be captured by the ATM. The card will be returned to JMMB by Guardsman.

Yes. The card can be accessed at any Visa Debit ATM in addition to POS (point of sale) at all Visa accepted merchants locally and overseas.

Yes. However, the transactions will be paid in Jamaican dollars.  

Yes. The request can be made in branch to change the primary account or to add/ delete accounts from the ATM card. 

Online Banking and ATM Safety

For every new benefit of the internet, there’s a potential new risk involved. That’s why it’s important to arm yourself with all the information and tools you will need to protect yourself.


Remember to monitor your accounts regularly.

If you suspect that your ATM card may have been compromised, immediately contact our Client Care Centre at 876-998-JMMB (5662) to have the card restricted.

  • Client Care (Call) Centre: Call us anytime. We’re happy to set up a meeting with you to discuss your financial present and future. You can reach us at:

Client Care: 1 876 998 5662

From the USA and Canada: 1 877 533 5662

From the UK: 0 800 404 9616


  • Moneyline: An online banking portal. For a full description, please see above.
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