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In addition to our competitive rates, JMMB has a simple philosophy about fees – we believe in no nuisance fees. Because we have your best interest at heart, we have a fair and transparent approach to how we set our fees.

Curious about the in-depth rates and fees for specific products? You can find everything you need to know right here.


FX Rates

Last updated: 2018/02/23

Code Buy cash/Rate Buy cheques Sell

Money market rates

Last updated: 2018/02/23

Code Rate
Tax Shelter Rate(JA)5.73%
US SaveSmart0.34%
JA SaveSmart2.42%
GBP SaveSmart1.16%
EURO SaveSmart0.42%
CAN SaveSmart0.69%

Unit trust rates

Last updated: 2018/02/23

Code Buy Sell
Income and Growth15.6515.96
Optimum Capital27.6628.49
JMD Giltedge Rate20.2820.28
JMD Real Value Fund11.2111.32
JMD Bond Fund11.6411.64
JMD Income Distribution Fund10.1510.15
USD Income Distribution Fund1.031.03
USD Giltedge Rate1.011.01
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