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9 February 2018

How Much Debt is Okay?

Will you need a loan for your car, home or another major financial goal whether now or in the future? Would you prefer to pay a smaller amount on your current loans so that you can save more money? Your debt service ratio (DSR) is crucial to both scenarios.  So today we will explore your DSR and steps you can take to ensure it does not go beyond 45%; as most traditional financial institutions in Jamaica prefer to lend to individuals who have a DSR below 45%.

20 January 2018

How Much is Your Time Worth?

How many days of your labour do you spend paying bills vs. the amount that you invest towards your dreams?  Today, we are going to do that calculation so that each time you spend, you will be more aware of  how much that new item truly costs you and how much work you have done to make this new purchase a reality. You work hard for the money, so treat yourself right in 2018.

8 January 2018

My 2018 Financial Challenge!

Do you want to end 2018 more prosperous than you did last year?  If you said ‘yes’, I am writing specially to you; whether you accomplished all of your goals last year,  most of them, some of them or even none at all.  The New Year is an opportunity to wipe the slate clean and develop a laser focus as you forge ahead in 2018. 

18 December 2017

The Perfect Christmas Gift

How many days are left for your Christmas shopping?

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