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Dollars and Good Sense provides valuable tips and insight on how to better manage your money. We always want to see our clients grow in their knowledge of their own personal finances.

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27 March 2022

Will You Pass on Generational Wealth or Generational Burden?

True or False:  Can the financial decisions you make today impact several generations to tomorrow?  

Richy Rich Junior was the same age as his friend Poor Paul Junior, and were both excited and proud that they each amassed J$2.5 million to purchase their first home. Then calamity struck; they both lost their dads.  The difference was that Richy Rich Senior had a property, cash as well as health and life insurance, but Poor Paul Senior did not. What they both left behind would impact their families for generations.

21 March 2022

Retirement Planning: When You Are 50 & Over

Whether you plan to spend your post-working years as a globe trotter, take up a new hobby, or just enjoy life; the opportunity to just march to your own beat is probably the most rewarding part of retirement. If you are 50 years or older, and have not taken any deliberate action towards ‘upping your retirement game plan’, you are not alone, reassured, Camille Steer, senior corporate manager, JMMB Fund Managers. The good news is, it is never too late to start planning, so do not panic; instead START now.

24 January 2022

Get Billionaire Benefits, Without a Billion Bucks!

It takes money to make money, and the more you have the more negotiating power your money gives you.  So, if you have J$100,000 how can you reap billionaire benefits?  Simply pool your money with other investors so the volume of funds can purchase assets at reduced prices and give you other billionaire benefits too.  Your answer is to invest in a unit trust.

12 December 2021

Your Financial Goals Deserve a Christmas Gift Too

Do you want to save/invest more towards your financial goals - your real estate goal, higher education goal, retirement goal, new car, child’s education or wealth accumulation goal. You can do just that by keeping within your budget this Christmas. 

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