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21 October 2018

Want to Earn Higher Returns?

“No, no, no! My money has been in a savings account for over five (5) years and I have not even earned 5% on my money!  This is less than inflation and the fees have eaten out everything,” Richard said upset.  Have you ever felt this way?  If you have, today we are going to explore: 1) why your savings account offers such low interest rates 2) how much money should you keep in your savings account; and 3) an easy way to earn more on the stock market, even if you do not have a lot of time or experience.

9 September 2018

My Child’s Education – How to Finance it All

Latoya, a financial controller, and Devon a lawyer chose to send their two children to an excellent primary school rather than a preparatory school

7 September 2018

Online Banking in Jamaica

Over the years, online banking (which is also known as Internet banking) has become extremely popular.

23 July 2018

Play Ball: Creating a ‘Winning Portfolio’

Do you remember your high school days of playing money football?  A small coin was the ball and each person had one player, a larger coin. The player would be hit with a fudge stick, to score on the opponent. That single player was defender, midfielder and forward.  Some of us use one player in our investment strategy, for example cash or stocks, much the way we play in money football, and expect it to play multiple roles in our portfolios.  However, your investments will work better for you if, like the real game of football, you have several players positioned in their right role.

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