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Dollars and Good Sense provides valuable tips and insight on how to better manage your money. We always want to see our clients grow in their knowledge of their own personal finances.

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11 October 2020

Your Life’s Philosophy & Your Money 

What is your life’s philosophy?  How has it shaped your financial decisions?

27 September 2020

What Will Your Financial Dreams Cost You?

We probably have all heard the saying, time is money, which is a quote attributed to Benjamin Franklin.  Therefore, if two persons earn different salaries, the cost of their time is also different. To illustrate this, let us calculate how much “time” or days of your labour an item priced at J$28,000 will cost you and other persons whose salaries may be dissimilar to yours. Follow the example in the table so that you can determine how much is your time worth as well. 

15 September 2020

Your Financial Health Check

COVID-19 has had a widespread impact on our lives and exposed our vulnerabilities. It has left persons who had underlying conditions particularly susceptible to becoming ill.   It has also highlighted that many persons who thought they are financially secure truly are not. How financially healthy are you?  Do you need any ‘boosters’ to get you to your optimal financial health? First, let us start with you indicating your financial goals and how soon you would like to achieve these, by filling out the table below:

10 August 2020

Surprise! Your Dream House May Be More Affordable Than You Think

“Based on your age, the mortgage for that J$20 million property you really want would be approximately J$118,000 and it would be less if you are sharing that mortgage payment with someone else, since you could get a combined mortgage of J$13 million from the National Housing Trust (NHT), at a lower interest rate,” I said to Michael.  “Really, I thought it would have been more than that, now I can look to close on that deal!”  he exclaimed. 

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