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28 March 2021

Retirement Planning: Making Your Money Last a Lifetime 

Whether you plan to spend your post-working years as a globe trotter, take up a new hobby, enjoy the simpler or finer things in life; the opportunity to just march to your own beat every day is probably the most rewarding part of retirement. Yet, how many of us have placed retirement and post –retirement, as a top priority?

21 March 2021

7 Subconscious Financial Drivers to Avoid

“I am in need of help to urgently re-engineer my finances!” was the WhatsApp message I got from a frustrated stranger, Everett, at 5:05 a.m.  With a whopping $286,000 monthly, going towards eight (8) loan repayments, not including his mortgage, Everett was left experiencing sleepless nights trying to find an escape out of the cycle of debt. Like Everett, do you need to revamp, re-engineer, recharge or restructure your finances? 

7 March 2021

Retirement Planning for Women

Women generally live longer than men – on average by six to eight years. This difference is partly due to an inherent biological advantage for the female, but it also reflects behavioural differences between men and women, according to World Health Organization (WHO). This statistic rings true for Jamaica, where women have a life expectancy of approximately 76 years when compared to their male counterparts of 73 years. As a result of the longer life expectancy for women, they will typically receive a lower monthly pension payment compared to men, notwithstanding contributing at a similar rate of contribution to a pension arrangement.

21 February 2021

Why Preference Shares May Be Perfect For You?

Imagine having an investment that provides you with a consistent income stream and beats inflation. Would you be willing to take a little more risk, than that typical of savings accounts, to reap these rewards?  If you answered “yes,” preference shares maybe your “preference” for investments.

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