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15 May 2018

Lessons From the World’s Best Investors

Would you rather learn from the world’s most experienced and knowledgeable investors or would you rather make all the successes and failures on your own?  Here are quotes from investors who have been there, done that, and may have even written a book about it.  There are also some great lessons to be learnt and takeaways for you, whether you are a big investor or small investor.  First, test your knowledge of the famous investment quotes and important takeaways.

23 April 2018

Are You an Investor or Speculator?

Are you a stock market investor or speculator?  Both investors and speculators can make money on the stock market however the level of risk taken is different.  Investors primarily focus on the financial analysis of the company and purchase stocks based on perceived good medium to long-term value, this approach has less risk.   However, speculators try to beat the market by timing it, with little, if any, financial analysis of the company.  For speculators the aim is to purchase ‘hot stocks’ and sell them just before the prices fall significantly; this approach is more risky.  

19 April 2018

7 Stocks to Watch for 2018

Do you have three to six months of your expenses set aside in an emergency fund?  Do you have a long-term goal and are prepared to invest for up to 5 years?  Are you willing to take the potential risk that comes with investing in the stock market?  If you answered “yes” to all the above; then here are some good long-term stocks to consider for investment.  These stock recommendations have been provided courtesy of our JMMB Research team. 

13 March 2018

How Many Pay Cheques to Retirement?

How many pay cheques do you have left before you retire? To find out, multiply your number of working years left before you retire, by how often you receive your pay cheque; for example 27 years x 12 months = 324 pay cheques.  My personal number was my wake-up call and may be for you too. 

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