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28 November 2018

Christmas Bonus: ‘Live Big’ Now OR ‘Achieve Big’ Later

“Wow! I earned 175%* on my investment.  My Christmas Bonus is now almost triple” Dwayne was ecstatic that he had curbed the  urge to splurge and ’live big,’ when he got a bonus five (5) years ago. He had instead invested J$100,000 (including his bonus) and now, he has J$275,000. “Cho man! If I had invested every bonus for the last five years, I could have a lump sum towards my down payment on my apartment. That would be achieving big,” he thought to himself.

11 November 2018

Home Equity Loan: Dollars & Good Sense

If, like Mark, you qualified for a home equity loan, unsecured loan and credit card loan, with rates of 9.5%, 25% and 50%, respectively per annum (p.a.),which one would make the most financial sense? Obviously, the one with 9.5% p.a., as you would pay less interest; therefore saving you the most dollars and making the most sense.  Recognizing this, Mark realised the equity in his home could be the exit to his debt-trap and the door to greater financial freedom.  

21 October 2018

Want to Earn Higher Returns?

“No, no, no! My money has been in a savings account for over five (5) years and I have not even earned 5% on my money!  This is less than inflation and the fees have eaten out everything,” Richard said upset.  Have you ever felt this way?  If you have, today we are going to explore: 1) why your savings account offers such low interest rates 2) how much money should you keep in your savings account; and 3) an easy way to earn more on the stock market, even if you do not have a lot of time or experience.

9 September 2018

My Child’s Education – How to Finance it All

Latoya, a financial controller, and Devon a lawyer chose to send their two children to an excellent primary school rather than a preparatory school. “Why?” I asked.  They shared, “We attended primary school and have excelled in our careers, and most importantly, the savings from not paying preparatory school fees has already allowed us to invest almost J$1.4 million, in just two years, towards our children’s university education.” 

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