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JMMB 2018 Calendar Stories

Inside our 2018 calendar are the stories of individuals who have achieved the extraordinary. Each month, you can read their stories here.  

August - Love. Will. Power. Vision.

Christopher Charley

Christopher Charley Jr., now chief operating officer at KDC Group, credits JMMB for giving his family the second chance they needed, and allowing them to soar from bankruptcy.  The Charley’s story is one of triumph, a feat that Christopher Jr. is exceptionally proud of. In reflecting on the journey, he shared that he grew up in the business, participating in every aspect of it, “I started with the business since birth.  I remember the long days helping out – from doing accounts table to doing collections on the road, to sweeping up the place…I did a little of everything… and later to witness my parents (and their business) going through a financial downturn (that was devastating).” 

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