Don’t let anything hold your kids back from learning

Give them the best education possible

Be prepared to give your children a bright future

A good education can be transformational for our children. It can spark their minds and set them on a path towards an incredible career.

A good education is also surprisingly expensive.

When June, July, and August come around, back-to-school expenses kick in. It’s amazing how fast things add up: tuition, books, uniforms, school fees...the list goes on. And if you’re planning on sending your child to attend a tertiary institution, the financial aspect can be overwhelming. Even if they get scholarships, there are still dozens of hidden costs throughout the tertiary educational experience. How do people afford this?

Here’s the trick; rather than wait until you have to pay for school, start saving now. Thinking ahead can mean a bright future for your child and a worry-free financial future for you.

JMMB Graduate

Give your child a bright future and the right start with a good education. A good education can be surprisingly expensive. So, don’t be caught off guard, start your preparation with a JMMB Graduate today.

The JMMB Graduate is an investment plan that helps you achieve the goal of an education, for either yourself or your children.

With this plan, your money is placed into your very own customized investment portfolio - which is invested in stocks, bonds and unit trusts – all managed by our team of experts.

You have the option to save in US$ or J$, for as long as you want, with tax-free advantages.

Plus, you can increase how much you are saving, by routinely adding to your portfolio.

Then, leave the rest to us and keep track of your progress with personalized statements.


  • Flexible contribution plans;
  • Options to save in US$ or J$;
  • Tax-free benefits; and
  • Access to affordable loans.


  • Starting balance of minimum 
    • J$50,000
    • US$500


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**JMMB Graduate is offered by JMMB Investments



How much do I really need to save for school?

Different families have different needs in mind. Maybe you want to put aside enough for your kids to go to Harvard. Maybe you just need enough to put them through the local high school.

Whatever the case, you still have to save wisely. Remember, education is the best way to give your children the future they deserve.

Here are several factors to weigh, before deciding:

  • The cost of the school (with and without scholarships)

  • How many years before you send them to this school

  • How much you will have (realistically) saved up by then

  • What inflation will look like in that many years

  • Projected returns on your investments

At the very least, these should get you thinking about the big picture. Remember, it’s never too early to start saving for a tertiary education. We can help you look at that current cost of university and give a good estimate of how much you should save each month, in order to reach that goal.

How to start saving for your children’s education

If you haven’t started saving for school yet, you should start right now. Even if your children aren’t born yet, think of how amazing it would be to have all of the money saved up for their tertiary education, by the time they’re entering high school.

Sound impossible? The more you start saving now, the more ‘free money’ you’ll receive in interest.

Think about it this way:

  • If you’re saving $10,000 per month, and earning 10% on it per year, in 5 years, you’ll already have $774,000, nearly a quarter of which is pure interest that you would’ve earned.

  • After 10 years, you’ll be up to nearly $2,000,000, over 40% of which is interest.

If you can’t afford $10,000, try starting with half that, or a quarter. Do whatever you can, just make sure you put it away soon. We recommend a mix of:

  • Stocks;

  • Bonds; and

  • Unit Trusts.

Specifically, we recommend the JMMB Graduate solution, which can help you to earn returns that are above long-term inflation and depreciation, you may choose to invest in J$ or US$. Find out more about the JMMB Graduate solution. 

What if I still don’t have enough money for school?

  1. Ask for different gifts: Around holidays, birthdays, and other celebrations, ask your loved ones to add to your education fund (instead of giving typical presents).
  2. Be realistic: You love your children more than anything, but Harvard costs a pretty penny. There are many more affordable options that can still offer your child a fantastic education.
  3. Set up a budget: Learn how to save consistently and keep educational goals in mind.  
  4. Research scholarships: Did you know you that some scholarships pay for all tertiary expenses? Apply for all the scholarships you can.
  5. Use the JMMB Graduate: Not only does it have good investment options, if you still have a shortfall, you can apply for a JMMB Graduate loan.
  6. Keep it separate: Don’t mix your education fund with your daily spending money. Make sure you put it in a place that will let it grow properly and independently.
  7. Talk to our experts: We’ve helped countless parents give their children a tertiary education. We can help you make sense of it all.


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