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9 June 2022

JMMB Group Diversification Strategy Pays Off

The JMMB Group, during its end of year investor briefing on June 9, shared that its diversification strategy, across business lines, geographies and client segments, has resulted in it hitting its highest ever profit of J$12.02 billion, for the 2021/22 financial year, which represents a 56% jump year-over-year. 

5 June 2022

JMMB Group Posts Highest Ever Profit of J$12B for 2021/22 Financial Year 

The JMMB Group saw net profits hitting an all-time high of J$12.02B for its financial year ending March 31, reflecting a 56% increase in earnings year-over-year for the regional financial conglomerate. The Group also posted operating revenue of J$26.6 billion, up 19%, over the reporting period.  

19 May 2022

Joan Duncan Memorial Lecture Urges ‘Resetting” of Culture of Unethical Practices in Jamaica 

.The pervasive mindset in our society, which accepts unethical practices as normal was seen as problematic by the panelists of the 9th Annual Joan Duncan Memorial Lecture. The lecture was held under the theme, “A Suh De Ting Set”: The Urgent Need to Bring Back Moral and Social Ethics to our Public and Private Priorities,” held on Sunday May 15.  on TVJ.  

11 May 2022

JMMB Joan Duncan Memorial Lecture to Examine Moral and Social Ethics in Jamaica

Jamaica’s moral and social ethics landscape, and its impact on Jamaica’s present and future development will be the main focus of the 9th UTech, Jamaica/JMMB Joan Duncan Memorial Lecture to be broadcast live on TVJ on Sunday, May 15, 2022 at 4:00 p.m. 

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