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After graduating from high school, you might be thinking about attending a tertiary institution and earning a Bachelor's or Master's degree or some other form of certification. Not only will advanced studies expand your mind to new and exciting ideas, it will also make you a much more appealing candidate in the job market.

But don’t forget, a tertiary education (like most things in life) is an investment. Tuition, books, and other fees can be very expensive, and these numbers are expected to continue to soar in the coming years.

What happens when limited funds get in the way of your dreams of higher education?  Fortunately, you’ve got options when it comes to paying for your education, some you might not even be aware of.

JMMB Graduate Loan

Access an affordable loan for all your education needs, with flexible repayment plans and competitive rates, by applying for the JMMB Graduate loan.

The JMMB Graduate loan offers an unsecured or secured loan, through JMMB Bank, with attractive interest rates. 

Features & Benefits:

  • Up to 5 years to repay
  • Flexible pay-back period
  • Fast approval time
  • Competitive rates and fees


**JMMB Graduate Loan is offered by JMMB Bank (Jamaica) Limited


Find out how to get started

How am I going to pay for all this?

As we know, tuition costs can be steep, and it doesn’t stop there. You also have to consider the price of books, supplies, and other expenses...the list goes on.

The best thing to do is start saving for higher education now. A large investment, like education, can rarely be paid for ‘on the fly.’

Consider these factors, as you estimate the cost of a tertiary education:

  • Is your chosen school out of the country or close to home?

  • Is it a public or private institution?

  • What major/career have you chosen?

  • How long is the course of study?

  • Does your schedule allow you to study full-time? Or would you need to spread out your studies over a longer period of time?

Once you answer these questions and start exploring schools, you can explore options for paying for your tertiary education.

Tertiary study too expensive? Consider loans and scholarships

Paying for your tertiary education may seem impossible, but don’t worry. If you really want to go, you have options.

Loans are your first major option. If you’ve never taken out a loan before, you’re going to want to think long and hard about what school you’re going to attend. Consider Aaliyah. She got into two different schools: one is an expensive, brand name school with a J$800,000 a year price tag. The other is still a good school, but less well-known, with tuition set at J$400,000 per year.

The more expensive school may give Aaliyah a better education with better job opportunities, but it’s also 2x the price and guaranteed to leave her in debt for a lot longer.

Before she takes out the loan, she might want to consider scholarships. Every little bit helps, but the best scholarships can pay the entire tuition; those are definitely worth looking into.

You might want to think about the JMMB Graduate solution, which allows you to take out an unsecured loan.  The rate is attractive and we have flexible repayment plans. The JMMB Graduate also has an investment plan that provides good investment options, in both US dollars and Jamaican dollars.

Learn more about the JMMB Graduate Loan 

Learn more about the JMMB Graduate Investment Plan

What if I don’t want to take out a loan?

  1. Ask your loved ones for help: Your parents or extended family members might contribute, even if it is a small amount.  Remember “one one cocoa full basket”.
  2. Get a part-time job or summer internship:  This is a tried-but-true method, and helps take the sting out of paying for your tertiary education.
  3. Look for schools that suit your budget: Harvard, for example, is a great school, but it’s also an expensive one. University/College is what you get out of it, not what you pay for it.   
  4. Use your exam scores: Academic excellence can qualify you for scholarships, but be prepared to devote a lot of time to applying for these.  
  5. Talk to our experts: We’ve helped countless people fund their tertiary educations and can help you find ways that will work best for you. You may also ask about the JMMB Graduate solution.

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