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International & Local Experts to Share Pointers on “Levelling Up Your Wealth” at JMMB’s ‘Elevate’ Event on January 21-23

6 January 2022

Local experts in the form of, Anna Palomino, money coach and author, David Rose, business journalist and Howard Johnson Jnr., CEO of Howard Johnson Realty and broker will share a virtual stage with international acts like Errol Coleman, independent trader, Keisha Bailey, CEO of Profit Jumpstarter and Ross Mac, hip hop artist, TV personality and investment expert during the annual now-signature financial empowerment event series, dubbed, JMMB Elevate.

The powerhouse of speakers are slated to help individuals level up their finances in 2022 and to identify opportunities for goal attainment by sharing expertise and providing practical tools to help individuals to untap their greatness, reshape their mindset and craft a plan towards wealth creation and goal attainment. 

The three-day event will begin on Friday, January 21 at 7 p.m. with a panel discussion led by Palomino and Coleman.  The duo will delve into the topic of investing to build wealth for millennials and Gen-Xers; using the occasion to give insight into cultivating good financial habits and mindset, share pointers on building or rebalancing your portfolio, in order to achieve your goals.  

While Day 2, Saturday, January 22 starting at 5:30 p.m., will focus on investing in the local stock market with David Rose, business journalist and JMMB experts Greig Lindo, assistant general manager, trading and treasury and Jermaine Burrell, group research manager. These experts will share in-depth knowledge about investing in the local stock market, stock picks and key fundamentals to investing in equities, while also providing an economic outlook to contextualize the investment environment for 2022. 

The final day, Sunday, January 23 beginning at 4:30 p.m., will be a power-packed day looking at investing in cryptocurrency and international stocks with experts – Keisha Bailey, Ross Mac and JMMB’s Michael Jordan, international brokerage services. Additionally, the discussion continues by exploring investment opportunities in real estate, led by Howard Johnson Jnr, realtor and Peter Thompson, JMMB Group client investment manager. Real estate is seen as a key part of diversifying one’s investment portfolio over the long-term, in order to hedge against inflation. During this segment individuals will get pointers on real estate investment options to match their budget, using either a few thousand or millions of dollars. 

JMMB Elevate is designed to help individuals to level up their wealth by taking their goal planning and achievement to the next level. “As such, we’ve taken the feedback and designed this year’s staging to provide more tools, knowledge and support to equip and empower individuals to take the next step to create plans for their financial goals” reveals, Kerry-Ann Stimpson, chief marketing officer at JMMB Group. 

JMMB Elevate is timely, as the cusp of a new year is often associated with new beginnings and deep self-examination, which typically give rise to new actions and approaches.  “As such, we want to tap into this energy to help individuals to convert their passion and excitement into a plan, and where individuals may feel stuck coming off what has been a challenging year, with some economic fallout, we want to give persons hope by helping them to make the next steps, by identifying opportunities for wealth creation, as we believe that in the face of adversity there are pockets of opportunities,” shared Stimpson. 

With a holistic approach to wealth creation, through this event, JMMB will also use the occasion to lend expertise, create partnerships and share ways that individuals can utilize, to achieve their financial goals.  The company will also facilitate further interactions and financial planning conversations with aim of helping individuals to make the next step in transforming their goals into reality. 

Registration Opens on January 7
Admission to the JMMB Elevate event series is free. Interested persons can register, at https://bit.ly/JMMBElevate4, as at Friday, January 7, or via JMMB’s social media channels. Early registration is encouraged, as spaces are very limited. 

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