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The JMMB Group Ltd. APO: Frequently Asked Questions

27 October 2019

It has been on the airwaves, in the newspapers, on social media, and people have been talking about it too, chances are you have heard about the JMMB Group Additional Public Offer of Ordinary shares. This simply means that the company is offering new shares to the public, so people like you and me, can become part owners of JMMB Group, as shareholders. You may have a few questions, so here is your quick guide.

1. Is an IPO and an APO the same?  

Both IPOs and APOs have the letter “P” and “O” in common.   “P” stands for “public” and “O” stands for offer.  Therefore both are offers being made to members of the public to purchase.  However, the similarities end there.
a.     “I” in (IPO) stands for “initial” indicating that it is the first time that the stock will be listed on the stock market. 

b.    “A” in APO stands for “additional”.  Therefore a company that is listed on the stock market is now offering additional shares to the public for purchase.  
One of the advantages of the APO is that you can easily research the trading history of the stock vs. the IPO which would not have a trading history. 
2.    Has JMMB Group share price appreciated?  
Over the last five (5) years, between March 2015 and March 2019, investors enjoyed 354% appreciation in JMMB Group Ltd. share price.  Therefore, if you invested J$100,000 in March 2015, and did not sell any shares, in March 2019 the value would be J$454,000.  Of course, the past performance cannot be guaranteed in the future.  However, you could examine how the stock performed against other stocks on the stock market and other stocks in financial industry in order to make the best choice for you.

3.    What will the income from the sale of additional shares be used to do?  
A company can opt to do a variety of things with the income from an APO and what they do can be an indication of the health of the company.  In the case of the JMMBGL the additional funds will be used to invest in expansion and growth strategy, which is expected to generate future profits.

4.    Where can I find objective expert advice about these investment opportunities? 
Financial institutions typically share analysis of investment opportunities and about a company’s performance on their website. As an investor, it is always great to review these analysis to gain additional insight. 

5.    What are lowest and highest prices at which the JMMBGL traded on the Jamaica Stock Exchange (JSE) in the last 52 weeks?  
Over the last 12 months, the JMMB Group stock price fluctuated between J$28.00, at its lowest and went as high as J$55.07.

6.    What is the price of the JMMB Group Additional Public Offer shares? 
For new investors, the shares will cost J$38.75 per share, while existing shareholders, key investors and JMMB Group team members will benefit from a special price of J$38.00.

7.    Can I still participate in the JMMB Group Limited APO? 
Yes. The offer opened on October 22, 2019 and closes on November 11, however the company has the option if the offer is fully subscribed to close early; so if you want to participate in this share offer, it’s best to do it early. 

Do you want to purchase JMMB Group Limited shares in the Additional Public Offering?  Visit the website, jm.jmmb.com for details and then submit your completed application form at any JMMB Group location; or if you are already a JMMB client with a stockbroker account (JMMB EMMA) and have access to JMMB Moneyline, you can apply online.  . 

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