fbpx JMMB Joan Duncan Foundation Gives Scholars ‘LIFE’ Readiness

JMMB Joan Duncan Foundation Gives Scholars ‘LIFE’ Readiness Boost

22 December 2021

The JMMB Joan Duncan Foundation recently launched a career guidance and transformational initiative for its tertiary scholarship recipients, dubbed, ‘Leadership, Involvement and Innovation, Financial Literacy & Education (LIFE) Accelerator’ programme.

This yearlong programme is designed to assist these budding professionals to better transition to the world of work and tap into the skills and mindset needed to live purpose-driven lives, by offering professional development sessions, mentorship and coaching, as well as facilitating community involvement and transformational training. 

Celia Ebanks, conceptualizer of the LIFE Accelerator initiative and programme manager at the Foundation shared, “This programme is designed to bolster the skillset and ‘soft skills’ of our scholarship recipients, by fostering a possibility thinking mindset and providing the practical tools to better equip them in making their unique mark in society and deliberate choices that align to their purpose, thereby unearthing their greatness.” The programme will complement the range of career and other developmental programmes often offered as part of the university curricular, thereby allowing these scholars to be even more rounded and prepared with life skills. “It also seeks to engage the recipients with a customized approach that helps them to examine their unique skills, personality, vision and challenges using online workshops, one-one one relationship building, introspection techniques such as journaling, coaching and resources,” added Ebanks.  The programme is offered using the Foundation’s recently released Conversations for Greatness (CFG) app. 

The LIFE Accelerator programme explores several topics, including: “Purpose and Career Development”; “Paying it Forward”; “Financial Literacy”; and “Transformational Training”, led by experts from the JMMB Group’s team. 

Kim Mair, CEO of JMMB Joan Duncan Foundation noted, “In keeping with our approach to cater to the holistic development of all our beneficiaries and our mandate to support the development of youth, through education and transformation, we are pleased to offer our scholarship recipients this LIFE Accelerator programme.” Adding, “We see this as an opportunity to go a step further than just providing financial assistance for these individuals, we want to truly invest in the future of our country by helping to shape our young professionals into ethical and innovative leaders who demonstrate genuine care for others. We want to truly set up our scholarship recipients to unearth greatness in all areas of their lives.” The CEO further said, “The programme will also foster greater synergies and relationship building among the participants, which we hope will transition to solid, friendships, partnerships and networking opportunities as these individuals take their respective path in life.” 

Thus far, 15 tertiary students are a part of the Foundation’s LIFE Accelerator Programme. Jhada Haughton, a final year student in environmental biology at UWI, Mona in sharing her experience with the programme so far said, “It has been an eye-opening experience, (in fact) after my first session (in Conversations for Greatness) I found myself doing a lot of introspection and revaluation of my goals and priorities. It has caused me to ask a lot of questions that I didn’t before and is really focused on my holistic development and I think it will help me to become the best version of yourself.” She further shared, “I think that this programme will really help to prepare me for life after school and gives me access to people who can help me with aspects of life, like managing my finances since after school it will be the first time I will be making a consistent income, this (programme) is actually something that could benefit other students.”  

The Foundation has awarded over J$54 million in scholarships to approximately 240 students at primary, secondary, tertiary and special needs institutions, over the last six (6) years, using it as a vehicle for transformation and advancement.

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