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11 July 2021

JMMB Helps Clients to Get ‘Financially Fit”

While it may be too late to work on your summer body for this year, the JMMB Group’s Mandeville branch teamed up with the fitness experts at Just You and Me (JYM) Training Limited to help its clients and prospective clients get ‘financially fit” this summer, during its Fitness and Finance hybrid event, recently. 

30 June 2021

JMMB Combines Art with Finance 

The JMMB team at Fairview, recently hosted an invitation-only virtual Paint and Sip, for its clients with the assistance of Paint and Sip Jamaica’s Ryan Meeks and Michelle Sinclair-Doyley, manager, Group financial partnership support and financial education at JMMB. This lifestyle event was designed to provide a fun and engaging way to discuss financial planning and investment opportunities with the attendees, by tapping into their lifestyle, juxtaposing art with finance during the evening’s proceedings.

29 June 2021

JMMB Joan Duncan Foundation Forges Partnership with Mico University College to Transform Schools with CFG

The JMMB Joan Duncan Foundation recently signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Mico University College, to embed its transformational programme, Conversations for Greatness (CFG), as part of the teacher training curriculum. This is expected to assist with the sustainability of a transformational mindset in the education sector, through one of the key stakeholders – teachers, which is the core aim of the CFG programme.

22 June 2021

JMMB Joan Duncan Foundation Gives Computers to Haemodialysis Unit at UHWI to Assist in Patient Care

The JMMB Joan Duncan Foundation recently donated two computers to the Haemodialysis Unit of the University Hospital of the West Indies (UHWI) in response to social media calls for the technology to assist the hospital to improve its patient care and management. The Haemodialysis Unit has been without a computer for almost a year, instead, relying on the support of other Units within the UHWI, or paper-based results, which can be delayed.

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