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22 December 2021

1100 Vulnerable Persons to Benefit from JMMB Joan Duncan Foundation’s Share the Love Initiative

Love is in the air, as the JMMB Joan Duncan Foundation, this year, donated care packages to over 1,100 individuals island wide with the assistance of JMMB Group team members and in partnership with a wide cross-section of charities. This initiative is a part of the JMMB Group’s Share the Love annual Christmas outreach programme. 

22 December 2021

JMMB Joan Duncan Foundation Gives Scholars ‘LIFE’ Readiness Boost

The JMMB Joan Duncan Foundation recently launched a career guidance and transformational initiative for its tertiary scholarship recipients, dubbed, ‘Leadership, Involvement and Innovation, Financial Literacy & Education (LIFE) Accelerator’ programme.

28 November 2021

Digita Global Partners with the JMMB SME Resource Centre to Drive Digital Transformation Among SMEs

Digita Global Marketing Ltd (DGM), one of the Caribbean’s fastest-growing digital solutions agencies, has signed an agreement with JMMB Group’s Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Resource Centre (JMMB SMERC) to provide digital marketing and digital technology services to the Centre’s SME clients, as a recommended service partner. 

Shane Warren
25 November 2021

JMMB Encourages Clients to Plant & Nurture their ‘Financial Seeds’ for a Fruitful Reward 

The JMMB Ocho Rios branch, during its recent virtual “Gardening and Finance” event, assisted clients to plant seeds in their gardens and towards financial success, while observing COVID-19 protocols of social distancing and mask-wearing. The online event was designed to provide an engaging way to discuss financial planning and investment opportunities with clients, by tapping into their lifestyle, thereby supporting them to reap financial success. 

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