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13 March 2020

What Does COVID-19 Mean for Your Money?


With the recent official announcements of the imported cases of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) to Jamaica, many are asking about the impact to their savings and investments, and what opportunities may lie ahead. 

11 March 2020

Quick Response from JMMB’s Dominican Republic Subsidiary, to Meet COVID-19 Challenge

Subsequent to the implementation of its organization-wide COVID-19 Response Plan, the JMMB Group is congratulating its team at their subsidiary offices in the Dominican Republic (Dom Rep), for their quick and decisive actions, with the recent diagnosis of one of its team members, as one of the five (5) persons who have been diagnosed with COVID-19, in that country.

JMMB Joan Duncan Foundation conference participants 'standing for greatness'
19 February 2020

JMMB Joan Duncan Foundation Conference Spurs Transformational Leaders to Action 

The inaugural JMMB Joan Duncan Foundation conference, which took place recently, was an energy-field for the nearly 900 transformational leaders and ‘leaders in the making’, who chose to participate in the all-day conference, at the invitation of the Foundation, having been beneficiaries of its support.  The event was held at the Jamaica Conference Centre, under the theme, ‘Writing our One Love Story’. 

15 February 2020

JMMB Group Profit Up 33% 

The regional financial entity, JMMB Group, recorded a net profit of J$4 billion, for the nine-month period ending December 31, 2019, which is a 33% increase, year-over-year.  Additionally, the Group posted a net operating revenue of J$17.38 billion, which is an increase of 26%, compared to the corresponding prior period. 

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