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Dollars and Good Sense provides valuable tips and insight on how to better manage your money. We always want to see our clients grow in their knowledge of their own personal finances.

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26 August 2018

Conquering Back-To-School Expenses 

Ding–a-ling-a-ling, the school bell will be ringing again soon and the summer fun will soon be over. “Are you financially ready for all the back-to-school expenses?”  It is amazing how several “little costs” add up to a major expense, here is a budget template to help you: 1) capture your expenses accurately 2) have an accurate knowledge of the total cost and/ or 3) determine any shortfall you may have. 

12 August 2018

Your Budget Friendly Vacation Guide!

You work hard, you deserve to also play hard; you deserve an awesome vacation. How can you ensure that playing hard does not force you into financial stress; which will eventually cause you to working harder and playing even less?  Whether your vacation involves fun at home, a romantic getaway, an all-inclusive “staycation” or jetting off for an exotic destination overseas, here are some tips to help you ‘PLAY’ on a budget.

23 July 2018

Play Ball: Creating a ‘Winning Portfolio’

Do you remember your high school days of playing money football?  A small coin was the ball and each person had one player, a larger coin. The player would be hit with a fudge stick, to score on the opponent. That single player was defender, midfielder and forward.  Some of us use one player in our investment strategy, for example cash or stocks, much the way we play in money football, and expect it to play multiple roles in our portfolios.  However, your investments will work better for you if, like the real game of football, you have several players positioned in their right role.

19 July 2018

Balancing Your Portfolio’s Risk & Return with Unit Trust 

The financial sector is seeing a shift away from repurchase (repo) agreements, and the corresponding popularity of collective investment schemes (CIS), in addition to the decline in interest rates on savings accounts. Against this background if, as an investor, you are interested in potentially higher returns, you may need to consider investing in other investment instruments, such as collective investment schemes (CIS) - which includes both unit trusts and mutual funds. 

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